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Organizing for Biking & Walking in our Neighborhoods


Wed, Sep 06, 2017
3:30 – 5:30 pm


YAYA Arts Center
3322 LaSalle St
New Orleans, LA 70115




Many of us in neighborhoods all across New Orleans are looking to curb reckless driving and to make it easier and safer to ride a bike or walk. We want to create better ways to get around and a healthier community. The thing is, many neighborhoods and residents know the solutions, but lack the technical know­-how and political willpower to create change.

This is where localized bike/ped committees can step in. With a motivated core of knowledgeable and passionate advocates, we can build the neighborhoods we all want to live in.

Bike Easy and YAYA Arts Center are hosting the first of two meetings to kickoff a new effort to make our city more livable, to enlist you to start or join a neighborhood bike/ped committee.

We’ll be sharing lessons learned of our own as well as from the national biking and walking movement. Together with our experience and access to decisionmakers, combined with your local knowledge and passion, we can bring about the changes we want to see.

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This Event is part of Bike Easy’s Advocacy Project.

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