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Traffic Skills 101

In depth bike safety training with certified instructors


11–12 Mar 2017


UNO Transportation Institute
351 Milneburg – UNO Campus



Traffic Skills 101 will help you ride safely and effectively — to work, to the store, around your neighborhood or around the state. Most of us were taught to ride a bike when we were very small, but many of us were never taught how to drive our bicycle in traffic. Traffic Skills 101 fills that gap. It is Driver’s Ed for people who ride bikes.

Traffic Skills 101 is taught by League of American Bicyclists (LAB) certified instructors, and the curriculum covers everything, including bike selection, simple maintenance, fixing a flat, and strategies for riding a bike safely and confidently. Traffic Skills 101 is taught to in two sessions: four-hour classroom and five-hour on bike sessions including parking lot drills and a ride on city streets.

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