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NORDC Teen Career Camp

Bike classes offered at NORDC Camp


Jun 06 – Jul 15, 2016


Gernon Brown Rec Center
1001 Harrison Ave, New Orleans 70124


Registration & Interview Required


Date & Time:
Wednesday, June 1st | 4pm & 5pm
Gernon Brown Rec Center
(1001 Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124)
Registration Link

You have to schedule an “interview” via the link above. All NORDC Teen Camps are Teen Career Camps, with a focus on building career skills, so they are expected to arrive in professional or school uniform attire. They also have to bring a number of documents, or they will not be registered. Once registered, they number all 13 camps in their order of preference, so if they really want the Outdoors camp, they should rank it as #1. All Teen Career Camps provide a stipend of $15/day as long as campers attend camp regularly throughout the summer.

In order to register, applicants must provide:

1) Applicant’s Birth Certificate or Birth Card

2) Applicant’s Current ID (2015-2016 School ID / LA State ID / LA Driver’s License)

3) Applicant’s Social Security Card (no letters will be accepted)

4) Applicant’s Report card (copy of the child’s most recent report card from 2015-2016 school year)

5) Proof of Address (Lease, Utility Bill, Voter’s Registration Card, Driver’s License)

6) Proof of Income (Two current check stubs / SNAP/FITAP Letter / Child Support printout/ Social Security printout / College award letter)

7) Proof of Guardianship ID (name must be on child’s birth certificate or must provide legal proof of guardianship)

Please note:
Ø Original documents must be presented.

Ø Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to sign in and present documents.

Ø In that we will have limited access to copiers, please bring copies of the documents in addition to the originals if you would like to decrease your wait time.

Ø Review the attached documents for additional information.

Feel free to contact Shannon – smburton (a) with any questions.

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