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World Park(ing) Day


Fri, Sep 16, 2011
2:00 – 10:00 am


3000 Block of Magazine Street

City Hall
1300 Block of Perdido Street

400 Block of St. Charles Avenue

Green Light District
2000 and 2100 Block of Magazine Street




What is Park(ing) Day?

Park(ing) Day is a celebration of public space. For one day, ordinary city streets are transformed into dynamic people places. Parks, seating, bike racks, games, art, and entertainment are all installed in streetside parking spaces. These exciting urban amenities will entice passersby to stop and enjoy the streets of our great city!

Why have Park(ing) Day?

Parking can have a host of negative impacts on an urban area, from traffic congestion to blighted buildings. By demonstrating an alternative use for this space, even just for a day, people can see what their streets could be.

What will be happening in New Orleans?

Three exciting spots are planned for the day, each in a unique location. These spots will feature grass, bike racks, games, comedians, plants, hopscotch, music, seating, yoga, bus and streetcar schedules, artwork, and many other exciting activities.

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