At long last bike share has returned to New Orleans! We’re so excited to have these bikes throughout the city as an option for public transportation.

Now operated by Blue Krewe, a local community-based nonprofit, Blue Bikes are partnership between the City of New Orleans and Drop and sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Pricing options include “pay as you go” for  $0.15/ min plus $1 to unlock OR a monthly price of $25 a month which includes up to 60 min of free ride time per day (can be multiple trips and no unlock fee).


Blue Bikes also offers reduced fares for New Orleans residents who use Louisiana Purchase (S/NAP) or Medicaid.

Want to get riding around town? Here’s how to use the bikes:

1. Register

Choose your plan and sign up for a Blue Bikes New Orleans membership through the mobile app.

2. Release

Tap Scan and scan the QR code on the handlebar.

3. Ride

Remove the lock tether and secure it to the hook under the seat. Put on your helmet and enjoy the ride!

4. Return

To end your ride, lock your bike at a bike rack. Use the tether to secure the bike to the rack and loop it over the lock. Secure the lock and then use the app to end your trip.


More tips from Blue Bikes for staying safe and enjoying your ride:


Park Respectfully

Please be respectful when you lock up your Blue Bike. Do not block sidewalks or lock to historic buildings, balcony posts, or fences.

Explore all of New Orleans

As long as you bring the bike back into the system to lock up there is no additional charge. Out of system fee (locking up your bike outside the system): $25.

Park Outside a Hub

Want to park closer to your destination? For a $2 convenience charge, Blue Bikes can be locked at any public rack or other appropriate bike parking space within our service area. Make sure to always lock the bikes to a fixed structure and end your ride in the app.

Pay as you go

Your payment method will be charged automatically based on your usage. Payments are non-refundable once you ride.


Follow the rules

Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic. Use the grip bell to signal your presence. Do not wear more than one earphone while riding. Obey traffic laws at all times.

Plan a sensible route

Plan your route before you ride to follow the safest route to your destination. You can use our app to find your way to a bike you’ve reserved or to a hub when you want to end your ride.

Do a pre-ride check

Adjust the seat height; try the grip bell; and if you’re riding at night, check that the front and rear lights are illuminated.

Be predictable

Make it easy for the traffic around you. Don’t make unexpected turns that put yourself and others in danger. Ride at a steady pace so other vehicles can anticipate your movement.

Wear a helmet

Whenever you ride, wear a helmet. Always buckle the strap. Replace your helmet after any crash and whenever you see signs of damage.

Tips for turns

Use hand signals to let drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or to stop. Don’t turn or change lanes without knowing the position of the cars and bikes around you.



For more info, visit For questions or concerns, email