Have you seen this new bike lane on N. Galvez?

How about this one on Wall Boulevard?

These are just a couple snapshots of the nearly 20 miles of newly built low-stress bikeways throughout New Orleans. From Elysian Fields in the Marigny, to N. Galvez in the 7th Ward, and Wall Boulevard in Algiers, people are biking with more safety and less stress thanks to these new pieces of bike safety infrastructure. Plus, everyone benefits from good bike infrastructure, even if you never ride, because it improves safety for everyone on the roadway.And, good bike infrastructure benefits everyone, even if you never ride, by improving safety for everyone on the roadway.

We’re shaping the future of our city and our streets to be better for all people. But, with progress also comes some pushback, and there are some who would like to halt the construction of more protected bike lanes throughout New Orleans. To ensure we have the resources to continue making progress for the people who ride in Greater New Orleans, we need your support.

Will you start or renew your Bike Easy Membership today and ensure that New Orleans’ future is one where biking is easy, safe, and fun?

Thanks to our Bike Easy Members, we’ve had the political and financial resources to advocate for more bike safety infrastructure, like the ones pictured above, and support the City’s commitment to rapidly expand the protected bikeway network this year. 

As more streets transform into Complete Streets, we’re going to keep celebrating and thanking the Bike Easy Members who’ve made these accomplishments possible.

There’s less than one week left of Membership Month.

#JoinUp and become a Bike Easy Member today, so that we can advocate for even more protected bikeways this year and bring the future we all hope for even closer to the present.

I hope you get to ride down one of these new protected bikeways soon (I’ll tell you from experience that the feeling of comfort and ease is incredible) and that you start to imagine what New Orleans would feel like with hundreds of miles of protected bikeways.

By the way, after you start or renew your Bike Easy Membership, RSVP to our Membership Meet-Up on the Greenway event for this Saturday, May 29th from 9am-12pm.