Bike Easy works hard to build and foster the community of people who ride bikes in Greater New Orleans. This year, our approach has had to change, as has our entire world, but the need for a strong and vibrant bicycling community remains greater than ever.  In these uncertain times, your Membership support ensures that we can keep supporting the expanding bike community.

We’ve postponed most of our Community programs, like Bike Valet, the Bicycle Second Line, and Bike to Work Day, but Bike Easy is always about community, and the number of people biking is growing! membership is

There’s no need to postpone your Membership renewal. Next month is Membership Month, but we wanted to give our former Members a chance to get ahead of the game. We’re proud to have had your support in the past, and we’d love to have you back as a Bike Easy Member! 

You’ve probably noticed more people biking on the streets since COVID-19, and sales data from local bike shops and count data from the University of New Orleans Transportation Institute support those observations.

The physical and mental health benefits of bicycling, long touted by experts, are more relevant than ever now, and the joy of bicycling is being (re)discovered by many. While there is plenty of work to do right now in supporting the bike community, we’re also taking this opportunity to build momentum for better biking coming out of the covid era.

Renew your Bike Easy Membership today to keep the movement rolling!

Through all the dramatic changes this spring, Bike Easy has responded nimbly. We worked with bike shop owners and elected officials to ensure bike shops remain open as essential businesses to serve the biking community during this tough time. We also shifted to virtual education workshops to help educate our growing community. I’m proud we are still able to offer a revised version of the Bike Easy April Challenge that focuses on solo rides and staying virtually connected.

Membership support makes it possible for Bike Easy to respond effectively to this crisis, and with the support of our members, we’re going to come out of this even stronger! Renew today to help us continue building and supporting the bicycling community.

With more people biking out of necessity, for recreation, and for health, we’re finding innovative ways to connect our bicycling community. The Bike Easy April Challenge demonstrates the power of the individual toward a community goal of miles ridden, pollution reduced, and introducing friends, colleagues and family members to the joy of bicycling. The community isn’t just goal-driven, it’s story-driven. Every day more people share their biking stories, post #SoloRideSelfies, and send each other high fives.

Thanks to the challenge and the virtual platform we use, we’re all riding solo, together. 

To keep fostering the bicycling community of Greater New Orleans through this isolating time, we need to grow our Membership.

Can we count on you to help us support and build the community of people who bike in Greater New Orleans?  Renew your Bike Easy Membership today!

In community,

Dan Favre