The Bike Easy Challenge runs until April 30th!

We are in the final days of the 2019 Bike Easy Challenge!

You have until April 30th to log a ride, encourage new riders, and win prizes. The Bike Easy Challenge is a free, team-based competition that aims to get more people on bike, especially new bike riders. You can win prizes for encouraging people to log a ride, biking multiple days in a row, and for the number of miles ridden.

Have you logged a ride for the Bike Easy Challenge yet?

You can connect an app like Ride Report or Strava to have rides registered automatically or you can enter your rides manually on your user profile at

Even better, have you gotten a friend, co-worker, or brand new bike rider to log a ride yet? The best strategy to win the team Challenge is to encourage others to log their rides as well (and have them mark you as their “encourager”). There are also badges to earn that mark your riding accomplishments. May is Membership Month at Bike Easy and you can celebrate early while earning the Advocate Badge by becoming a Bike Easy Member!

All you need to do is ride a bike for ten minutes, anytime, anywhere. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the saddle, check out the Lafitte Greenway, City Park, or Audubon Park to get back in the swing of things. Or just take a quick trip to the store or a friend’s house in the neighborhood.

Log a ride for the Bike Easy Challenge!

Need another reason to ride a bike? Tuesday, April 30th is the Last Chance Crawfish Boil from 5 – 7 pm! Ride your bike to the Bike Easy office (2100 Oretha Castle Haley) and celebrate the Challenge finale. We’ll be raffling a 10-speed 57cm tall Gangl road bike! Don’t forget to log your ride on your user profile at

Thanks for participating in the Bike Easy Challenge and helping increase awareness for people on bikes in Greater New Orleans!