Local and national connections made at the Treme Gumbo Festival

One of my favorite parts of working for Bike Easy as the Program and Operations Manager is the opportunity it gives me to be part of all of our programming. A few weeks ago, we had two Bike Valet events happening at the same time. While David, our Community Programs Coordinator, was working Odyssey’s House Bike and Brunch I set up Bike Valet for the Treme Creole Gumbo Festival at the entrance of Louis Armstrong Park. Part of my job was to set up the tent and table with all of our outreach materials with the help of the amazing group of volunteers that continuously and generously give their time to help us out. The main goal of offering Bike Valet is to make sure that bikes are kept safe. It also gives us a great excuse to interact directly with cyclists in New Orleans.

The best interaction I had that day was with a gentleman visiting from New Mexico who was also part of the bike coalition out there. When I told him about our People Friendly Driving class that we have taught to ride-share drivers, he got really excited and took a brochure to share with his peers back home. That kind of impact is only possible when you’re in the right place at the right time! Participating actively in our programming gave me that opportunity.

Stay tuned for more Bike Easy adventures!