“Safe, connected and protected bike lanes have never been more needed.”

Bike Easy Executive Director, Dan Favre, issued the following statement in the aftermath of the fatal crash on Esplanade Avenue on Saturday night:

“Our hearts continue to ache for everyone impacted by the fatal crash on Esplanade Avenue this weekend. My thoughts are with the family and friends of Sharree Walls and David Hynes, who were horrifically and needlessly killed, and dearly hope for a full recovery to everyone injured.

Safe, connected and protected bike lanes have never been more needed. Protected lanes are located on or next to the road are physically separated and only used by people riding bikes. Unfortunately, as Saturday night showed, a single line of paint marking a bike lane is not sufficient enough to create the safety everyone deserves.

During Mardi Gras and all year long, the people of New Orleans need mobility options – public transportation, biking, walking and driving – that are safe and accessible. Changes must be made. We need to reimagine what’s possible and how our city can better support every resident’s ability to move around New Orleans safely. Through careful planning and construction, protected bike infrastructure can help solve challenges we all share, especially safety, and help more people experience the joys and benefits of biking.

I’m most infuriated by the fact that, like most crashes, what happened Saturday night was a preventable tragedy. We must come together – city and state government, civic leaders, and everyday people – to call for streets that are built to share and safe for everyone, no matter how they choose to travel.

Please reach out to your Councilmembers, Mayor Cantrell, and other key stakeholders to ask them to act with urgency to build connected, protected bikeways to make New Orleans a safer, healthier city for this generation and the next.”