Back to Basics: Membership & Volunteer
Getting to know Dana Marecheau– Membership & Volunteer Coordinator– and Bike Easy’s Membership & Volunteer Program. This is Bike Easy’s fourth installment of our Back to Basics series, introducing our team, mission, and work to our audience!

Hi everyone, my name is Dana and I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. I started biking while studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia for leisure and getting around the city.

I moved to New Orleans about a year ago to join the Bike Easy team and learn all about the power of bicycling in New Orleans! Since then, I’ve been able to expand my understanding of the benefits of biking, which guides my work at Bike Easy.

My role as a Membership & Volunteer Coordinator includes:

  • Connecting supporters like you to our Advocacy, Community and Education programs to help build capacity
  • Finding creative ways to engage both our members and volunteers
  • Running our annual fundraising campaigns
  • Capturing stories of our members and volunteers to showcase how their support helps us make bicycling easy, safe, and fun

During this last year, I’ve seen how Bike Easy relies on volunteers and members to pedal us forward! Whether it be advocating for safer streets, assisting with our youth education programs, or even participating in our community programs, we can always count on our supporters to show up!

I’m very honored and thankful for the opportunity to connect with so many of our dedicated volunteers and Bike Easy Members. Your leadership and shared passion for biking is truly inspiring!

This is why we decided to recognize our supporters with our month-long campaign, How We Bike Easy? with the goal of raising $25,000 to support our programs for 2022!  We’re choosing to celebrate all of our wins this year, which we couldn’t have done without your help!

Would you like to donate to Bike Easy? Click here!

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us and the biking community this year, whether it was a donation, time volunteering, sharing our social media posts, or just telling people you love riding your bike in New Orleans!

In 2022, I’m looking forward to my new role as Operation and Development Assistant. While I’ll still be interacting with our members and volunteers, I’ll also be supporting Allene– Acting Deputy Director– with some operational duties.

See you in 2022!

With gratitude,

Dana Marecheau,