Touchdown for Bicycle Share!

Posted by Jamie Wine on February 13, 2013 in Advocacy

Bicycle Share Demo: 1st Step to a Full System

It was a great success

Bike Easy brought the bicycle share demo to the Super Bowl with a generous grant from Entergy, location provided by Riverwalk Marketplace, and support from the Downtown Development District and the NFL Host Committee. It was a great success. Not only did residents and visitors get to experience bicycle share, key decision-makers came down and started talking about bringing a system to New Orleans permanently.

Did you ride the bikes?

They were easy to use, fun to ride and drivers actually respected us on the streets at the busiest time of year: during the Super Bowl.

Next steps

Next steps will be convening the potential funders and the City to set up a plan. Bike Easy is encouraged by all the City’s efforts and all the potential funders that have been supportive so far. Cross your fingers and maybe we’ll get bicycle share on the road by 2013.


  • We estimate that we reached (talk to/engaged) 3,000 people.
  • We had 520 waivers signed. Many of those users took multiple rides and employees and volunteers were riding bikes back and forth constantly each day.
  • Estimated 200-400 rides on average each day.
  • 154 petition signatures to bring more bike lanes and bike sharing to the city.
  • The true number of people that saw the bikes being ridden, saw either of our demo setups and/or learned about bike sharing and B-cycle throughout the even would be staggering.


  • Traffic and engagement of users increased steadily each day of the event. The picture included was taken at the Canal St location on Saturday.
  • Many of our riders were truly using the bikes like a bike sharing system, traveling the distance between the two locations. As foot and automobile traffic increased, the bikes became the quickest way to get to and from our locations.
  • Nearly everyone we talked to later in the week had heard about the free bike share demos through word of mouth, media and social media.
  • There was a very high percentage of locals that we engaged. New Orleanians were generally extremely supportive and excited at idea of bringing bike share to the city.

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