May is Membership Month!

Posted by Ashley Mills on May 1, 2020 in Membership

Membership supports all of Bike Easy’s programming, it gives us a powerful collective voice, and it is the true lifeblood of the organization. 

May is Membership Month! With so many things upended, the one constant here at Bike Easy is our commitment to making biking fun, safe and easy for everyone in Greater New Orleans.  The number of people on bikes during these difficult times is inspiring, and Bike Easy’s staff and Board of Directors are deeply motivated to continue providing valuable programming that builds community, educates and advocates for all people who bike in Greater New Orleans.

May at Bike Easy has traditionally been a time for celebrating. We crown Bike Easy April Challenge winners, storm the streets with 400+ bicyclists and a band for the Spring Bicycle Second Line, and show our gratitude to those individuals, couples and families who choose to start or renew their membership during Membership Month.  Don’t worry, we will still announce all our top April challengers while celebrating virtually, and the Spring Bicycle Second Line plans to be back in the fall. 

May will also continue to be Membership Month. In these uncertain times, your Membership support ensures that we can keep supporting and fostering our growing bicycling community, and it is more vital now than ever.

Your membership in 2020 comes with a bonus benefit – a seat at the table in helping craft Bike Easy’s next Strategic Plan that will guide our efforts over the next few years. We outlined an exciting and aggressive Strategic Plan in 2017 that was designed in large part to fulfill the needs of our membership and was guided by input from members. Membership supports all of Bike Easy’s programming, it gives us a powerful collective voice, and it is the true lifeblood of the organization. 
Membership is community. 

Since our inception in 2003, Bike Easy has valued, supported and built the bicycling community in Greater New Orleans through inclusive and innovative programming, like the Bicycle Second Line, a pedal powered version of the New Orleans traditional second line complete with a live band. New Orleans isn’t herself these days without a myriad of festivals and events, but in better times the Bike Easy Bicycle Valet program provides safe and secure parking free of charge for those who choose to bike. In 2019 we valeted over 3,100 bikes at 35 events with great effort by over 400 volunteer hours. New in 2019, Bike Easy sought to engage and recognize area organizations and businesses who are fully supporting the work we are doing and supporting our mission with Bike Easy Certified

We have also pivoted community events such as the Bike Easy April Challenge and educational workshops to be safely accessible and welcome respite in the time of quarantining and social distancing. Bike Easy is committed to continuing to find innovative ways to connect to our ever-growing bicycling community.

Membership is education.

Bike Easy’s community education and safety programming gives people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride their bike safely and aims to teach all people – whether walking, biking, or driving – how to prioritize safety for everyone. We teach people the rules of the road, skills to successfully ride in traffic, how to drive around all the new bike lanes in town, strategies for safely getting around on foot, and more. We empower others to be safety stewards and help spread these skills throughout the community. The Bike Easy Education Team focuses on community workshops, outreach interventions and rides to teach people to ride safely and confidently, as well as workshops to teach drivers to drive safely around people biking and walking. Through in-school and after-school programming we teach safe biking and walking to youths, helping us provide safe bicycling education for all ages in Greater New Orleans. 

Right now, all of our safety education classes have transitioned online, and you can see recordings of the workshops on our YouTube channel!

Membership is advocacy.

Bike Easy works to make safe bicycling an integral part of life in Greater New Orleans and improve transportation access for all in our community through our advocacy and organizing efforts. From pushing for high-quality bike facilities at City Council meetings to training Ambassadors how to improve transportation options in their neighborhoods, Bike Easy focuses on building grassroots power to influence policy and budgeting for bicycling at the city, state, and federal level.

In 2019, Bike Easy’s Advocacy Team was integral in developing the City of New Orleans’ official plans for the rapid expansion of bikeways that has begun this year. Building and leading the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition, collaborating with countless organizations across the city, working with the Mayor’s Office of Transportation to get resident and community input, and supporting a large scale public information campaign are just some of the ways Bike Easy is able to amplify members’ voices to affect real and positive change.

To all those who support Bike Easy with an annual membership, we thank you! 

To keep building and fostering the bicycling community of Greater New Orleans through this unprecedented time, we need to grow our membership. This year, we are asking everyone to join as Sustaining Members with easy, automatic monthly donations of $10 or more.

Start your Sustaining Membership today to support Bike Easy’s education, advocacy, and community work to make bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans!


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