5 Things You Can Do For Our Biking Community Right Now

Posted by Elon Glickman on April 14, 2020 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety , Bike-Friendly Businesses, Education

In this moment of isolation, the New Orleans biking community is staying connected and engaged. Here’s some things you can do right now to keep our biking community rolling strong.

As people who bike, we’re often on the move. Even during this pandemic, we’re finding creative ways of staying active and engaged in our community while maintaining social distance. It’s not easy, but in this isolating time it’s fulfilling to keep connecting with and building the New Orleans biking community.

If you want to join us, but aren’t sure how to do so, here’s a few things you can do right now to keep New Orleans’ biking community rolling strong.

1. RSVP for the Teleconference Meeting for a Low-Stress Bikeway Network in Algiers

As a member of the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition, Bike Easy has been working with the City and Mayor LaToya Cantrell to expand our city’s bikeway network as a part of the Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative.

Already we’re seeing some early success from the initiative with the installation of new protected bikeways, new sidewalks, and high-visibility crosswalks on Garden Oaks Drive in Algiers. These improvements mark just the start of 11-miles of a connected, low-stress bikeway network in Algiers. To bring the rest into reality, we need you to show up, show your face, and be heard starting this week!

Can we count on you to advocate for complete streets and protected bikeways at the City’s teleconference meeting happening this Thursday, April 16th at 6pm?

2. Log a ride with the Bike Easy April Challenge

The Bike Easy April Challenge has been going strong for two weeks and already over 500 people have logged nearly 40,000 miles. What’s even more amazing than those numbers are the stories people share about biking in New Orleans and what it means to them especially in this moment. You can check them all out at lovetoride.net/bikeeasy

In case you don’t know, the Bike Easy April Challenge, powered by Entergy, is a month-long, friendly competition that aims to get more people on bikes. The concept is pretty simple, the more you bike and the more people you get to bike, the more points you earn. It uses competition to build the biking community and help more people experience the joy of biking

If you haven’t logged a ride or registered yet, no worries, you’re definitely not too late. Just click here and you’ll get started right away.

3.Sign up for the Virtual Bike Infrastructure Workshop

A lot of us have seen way more people biking lately. Bike shops are experiencing a huge boom in New Orleans. So we can expect that our bike lanes and trails are getting used a lot more these days.

To keep everyone safe, we’re offering free education on bike infrastructure.

This virtual workshop will cover the different types of bike infrastructure you’ll see on the streets, as well as how to safely navigate whether biking, walking or driving. RSVP here.

4.Donate to the Bike Easy April Challenge Gift Card Donation Drive

We know it is a hard time for everyone in the world and the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting us especially hard in Louisiana. While many businesses have been able to adapt operations, the service industry is reeling. Though some have been able to function in a small capacity, the revenue missed out from regular operations and festival season is a large burden to overcome.

That’s why Bike Easy launched a Gift Card Donation Drive to support local restaurants, businesses, and venues and reward our Bike Easy Challenge participants.
There’s a quick 3-step process to participate in the Gift Card Donation Drive:

1. Contact your favorite local business
2. Determine the best way to secure a gift card from them
3. Mail the gift card, along with your details to
Bike Easy
2100 Oretha Castley Haley Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70113

email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you need assistance in picking up the gift card or to send a virtual gift card.

5.Show Your Local Bike Shop Some Love

Bike Shops are experiencing an incredible boom right now and it makes sense: riding a bike is a great way to stay active or get where you need to go while maintaining social distance.

Bike Easy worked closely with shop owners, people at City Hall, and folks at the State to help make sure bike shops are considered essential services. Many people in our city who can’t afford a car and don’t have access to bus routes need to bike to get their groceries, their medicine, and get to work. With Blue Bikes suspending service, and the Regional Transit Authority reducing service too, bikes are proving a resilient mode of transportation.

The good folks working at local bike shops have gone to great lengths to set up safe operating procedures in order to keep everyone safe & healthy while keeping our bikes in working order. Show some love to your local bike shop by bringing them some business, buying a gift card from them, or just sending them a kind message on social media.

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