Bike Safety and Maintenance Virtual Workshop

Posted by Laura Harris on April 1, 2020 in Bicycle Safety , Education, Events

Join us for Bike Easy’ first ever virtual bike maintenance workshop and get your bike in gear for the Bike Easy April Challenge!

This workshop will focus on the basics of bike maintenance , and participants will leave with an expanded knowledge of how to diagnose problems on their bikes. We’ll also have short discussion of commuting basics, safe riding tips and being a vehicle on the road. Instructors will be happy to answer questions about bike fit, equipment, and rules of the road.

Zoom meeting link:

If possible, to get some practice with working on your own bike, it’s suggested that you have your own bike on hand for reference.

If you want to practice fixing a flat tire in real time, it is recommend to be ready with:

  • your bike
  • a crescent wrench if needed to remove your wheel
  • a tube with a flat you want to fix
  • tire levers
  • a pen
  • a tub of water
  • patches and rubber cement

Please RSVP at:

The workshop will be also be recorded to be added to our Youtube Channel!

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