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Posted by Ashley Mills on March 26, 2020 in Membership

The Spring Bicycle Second Line is postponed, but there are still ways you can stay connected to Bike Easy and the greater bicycling community! A message from Traci Birch, Vice President Bike Easy Board of Directors.

It’s spring in New Orleans and we all know that usually means festivals, crawfish boils, and Bike Easy’s Spring Bicycle Second Line. It is something I look forward to every year, and over the last few years as a Bike Easy Board member it has taken on even more meaning for me.

The hundreds of people who come out on their bicycles with their friends, families, and pets is a reminder of how great biking and the bicycle community is in New Orleans. The routes we take through the neighborhoods of New Orleans have fed my love for this city, and taught me the value of high quality, safe streets for every day cycling, not just days with a police escort.

In 2019 I took my dedication to Bike Easy one step farther, volunteering to serve as the Board Vice President. In this position I am responsible for helping the organization meet its fundraising goals while still being true to our mission to make bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in greater New Orleans. A major portion of this funding comes directly from community members through sponsorship of the Spring Bicycle Second Line and during May Membership Month. These efforts not only sustain the organization financially, but provide the political power and community backing needed to effectively advocate for bicycle safety and accessibility.

After much thought and consideration by Board Members, our Executive Director Dan Favre, and the staff at Bike Easy, we have decided this spring is not the right time to hold the Bicycle Second Line. As soon as the future becomes a little more clear, we will look for a date to ride together (thinking cooler months!). We will however, still be holding the Bike Easy April Challenge – which encourages people to ride their bikes and record this time online, all while practicing responsible social distancing. You will be able to connect to friends, co-workers, and loved ones safely online while still logging those solo miles in real life! It’s free, and registration is now open at

May will still be Membership Month and we would love to hear from you what makes being a member of Bike Easy meaningful and what we could do to enhance our membership benefits. If you aren’t a member, consider adding your voice to the hundreds of others who are supporting the Bike Easy mission in Greater New Orleans.

Thank you all for taking this time to read this! I look forward to seeing you online for the Bike Easy April Challenge, meeting up in person sometime this fall for the Bicycle Second Line, and standing with you in support of better biking as a Bike Easy Member!

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