LCI Adventure: Road Riding 101

Posted by Allene La Spina on November 16, 2019 in Education

Working in the field to have a better understanding of all our programs and efforts to bring bike safety to Greater New Orleans.

When I got my LCI Certification through Bike Easy three and a half years ago, it never occurred to me that I would end up working with them full time in the future. Now that I’m part of the team as the Program and Operations Manager, I’ve made a conscious effort to participate, collaborate, and support as many facets of our Programs as I am able.
A week ago, I had the pleasure to help co-teach a Road Riding class for 4th and 5th grade students at Washington Elementary in Metairie. I worked with Lauren, who also got the LCI certification at the same time as I did so that was fun on its own, but the best part was seeing the smiles of the kids as they learned about bike safety and in general gained confidence riding bikes. The curriculum includes 2 days of in class instruction and 3 days on bike practice. I came in for the latter and it was a blast! It was quite the operation to load our bike fleet to a truck, to bring to the school, to pump the tires, to make sure that everyone knew how to fit their bikes and helmets, and to make sure everyone was confident enough to go on the road on the last day.
It is true that working with children can leave many exhausted, but in my experience with these kids, the reward of their smiles and participation made all the work worth it.


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