Membership Month Results

Posted by Heather Haylett on June 7, 2019 in Membership

May is Membership Month at Bike Easy

Growing Support through Bike Easy Membership

May is Membership Month at Bike Easy and we had incredible results in 2019! May kicks off with GiveNOLA Day and donors are encouraged to start or renew their Bike Easy Membership during this regional day of giving. We continue to celebrate Membership Month throughout May in anticipation of the Spring Bicycle Second Line which is a Membership drive event as well as an occasion to celebrate the joy of biking!

Membership Month Results

GiveNOLA Day:

  • $19,061 raised
  • 201 Donors
  • 121 New or Renewing Members

Bicycle Second Line:

  • $3,400 raised
  • 96 New or Renewing Members

Other Memberships during May:

  • 84 new or renewing Bike Easy Members

Why Membership Matters

Our Membership base as a whole is what drives Bike Easy to continue to achieve victories for safer streets. As a member of Bike Easy, you become an advocate for changing the biking landscape in Greater New Orleans. Whether it’s our involvement with the city’s Moving New Orleans Bikes community outreach meetings, law enforcement training through our Education team, or hosting the month-long Bike Easy Challenge, Membership support is needed to make Greater New Orleans an easy, safe, and fun place to ride a bike.

May is Membership Month but we encourage anyone to join year round! Support our work and become a Member!

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