Bike Safety Education with Bike Easy & Uber

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 6, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

The nations first Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop with Uber

Tuesday, Nov 27th, Bike Easy led our Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop at Uber’s Greenlight Hub on Bayou Road. This is the start of our new partnership to help promote road safety in New Orleans.

Through our Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Workshop, we are sharing with the Uber drivers tips on safely sharing the road with people biking and walking. We had a good workshop with a healthy discussion on road safety, exploring different scenarios where yielding and reduced speeding are the best options. Check out the pic and video links.

Girl in a jacket

Bike Easy continues to seek our partnerships with companies and organizations that manage fleet vehicles in order to direct training towards drivers spending many hours on the road. We’re specifically interested in reaching out to United Cab and other cab companies around New Orleans. Do you have direct contact with these companies?

Contact Keith for more information.

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