Bike/Walk Friendly Driver Guide

Posted by Heather Haylett on November 21, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

A how-to guide for driving safely around people biking and walking

Why is it important to SHARE THE ROAD?

  • We are all people!
  • A bicycle is a vehicle and is required by law to follow all of the rules of the road.
  • Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.

Why Bicyclist Take the Lane

  • Cyclists take the lane by riding in an assertive position in the middle of the lane
  • It is often the safest place
  • Riding on sidewalks is illegal and usually unsafe
  • To prevent being buzzed or sideswiped
  • To prepare for a left-hand turn
  • If there is debris
  • If the lane is too narrow to share
  • To be more visible and to increase motorist awareness
  • To avoid the door zone


Bike Lane
Portion of roadway marked (with paint) for exclusive or preferential bicyclist use, typically one-way.

Buffered Bike Lane
A bicycle lane accompanied by a designated buffer space, separating the bicycle lane from the adjacent travel lane (no physical barrier!)

Shared lane markings “Sharrows”
The Shared-Lane Pavement Marking, used to enhance the safe travel of bicycles and motor vehicles in the same traffic lane. A pavement marking which tells bicyclists where to safely ride, and alerts motorists where to expect bicycles.

Separated/Protected Bike Lane/Cycle Track
A dedicated space for bicyclists with some sort of physical barrier (curb, plants, cars, posts, etc), may be one- or two-way.

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People Walking and the Roadway

  • People walking have the right of way at all crosswalks, marked or unmarked.
  • Drivers have the legal responsibility to yield to people walking.
  • Pay special attention at intersections.

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