Starting a Youth Bike Club

Posted by Virginia Brisley on November 16, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy produced a guide for starting a youth bike club aimed at encouraging active transportation and safe behavior.

Bike Easy teaches bike safety skills in schools across our region as part of our Walk & Roll to School programming. In the efforts to increase active transportation and safe behavior among students, we expanded our trainings into a bike club. Offered as an extra-curricular activity, the Walk & Roll Club aims to get more youth riding bikes and understanding their neighborhood around them.

The club is both educational and fun, encourages a love of the outdoors, and a passion for biking and walking. Lessons are investigative and hands on about transportation choices, benefits of outdoor activities, and bicycle and pedestrian safety. Throughout fifteen sessions, students practice riding and safety skills on bike, learn map-reading skills, and think critically about how they get around New Orleans.

Building on the success of the Walk & Roll Club, we produced a toolkit for other groups motivated to start a youth bike club of their own. This guide can easily be adapted for after school program providers, school or church groups, and independent clubs aiming to encourage biking with youth. Sessions can also be presented as singular units and adjusted according to context and resources available to groups. All sessions reinforce concepts of civics, road safety, and participatory planning. The Walk & Roll Club Toolkit offers a strong framework to encourage youth to think critically about the current built environment around them as well as looking toward the future of cities and transportation.

Bike Easy is proud to encourage everyone to ride bikes. Providing youth positive experiences with biking will go a long way to ensuring they continue to ride as adults. If your organization is interested in starting a youth bike club, the Walk & Roll Club Toolkit will be a fantastic resource!

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