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Posted by Heather Haylett on November 13, 2018 in Advocacy

Help decide where to put more Blue Bikes racks in the expansion areas.

We were excited to see the Blue Bikes service area expanded back in April, and now they’re further improving the system in those areas. The City of New Orleans and Blue Bikes are looking for your input on where to put more Blue Bikes racks in the expansion areas.

Bike Easy has long advocated to bring the benefits of bike share to New Orleans, and we’ve always worked to make sure it serves the residents of our city, especially those who lack transportation options. To best accomplish that, the City and Blue Bikes need to hear from the community. Your input is crucial! Make sure to send your votes by this Sunday, Nov. 18.

In the recent expansion areas of MidCity and parts of Uptown, Blue Bikes will be placing more racks to improve convenience for parking and finding bikes, and you can help decide where they go. In those areas, you’ll see signs posted near the possible locations, and you can follow the directions on the sign to send a text message with your “yes” or “no” vote for that location.

You can also weigh in from the dry, warm comfort of your own home (especially important on a day like today!) in 3 easy steps.

Look at the online map, and choose a potential rack location:

  • Text that location ID# to 504-636-6858, then
  • Fill out the quick feedback survey.
  • You can also send any further thoughts or feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Only a few of the possible locations on the map will actually get a Blue Bikes hub, so you get to help decide!

Along with pushing for community engagement in the station siting process, Bike Easy is excited to help create an equitable bike share system that is easy and accessible for workers in the service and hospitality industry and for residents in low-income neighborhoods. With grant support from the Better Bike Share Partnership, we’ve been working with Blue Bikes, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, and the City of New Orleans to conduct programming – lunch & learns at workplaces, community rides, distribution of free trials, and more – to increase the number of people using Reduced Fare Passes.

Make sure you take a moment to weigh in on where new stations will best serve our community!

Bike share is an important step to making bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans. We appreciate your participation in creating an equitable, successful bike share system that serves the people of New Orleans.

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