Blue Bikes & Fall Festival Season

Posted by Heather Haylett on October 25, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

Use Blue Bikes to get around New Orleans this fall

Fall festival season is in full swing! With so many awesome events to check out across town in combination with this crisp cool weather, Blue Bikes are a great option for getting from Point A to Point B to Point C, D and beyond…

Blue Bikes are a great affordable public transportation option and make it easy to get to your destination in a fun, sustainable and healthy way. Stations are scattered around the city and make it easy to unlock a bike and go! Traveling by bike also alleviates the worry of keeping your personal bike safe in high traffic areas and saves you the pain of finding motor vehicle parking.

Take advantage of the mobility granted by Blue Bikes! Bikes don’t have to be returned to the station – you can ride directly to your destination and park your bike securely to a standing object (pole or bike rack). If you’re not parking at Blue Bikes station, be a good neighbor and be sure to lock up correctly at public bike rack or street sign, keeping sidewalks and entrances clear. You can also get bonus credit for returning bikes back to a hub! During Voodoo Fest, a special dropzone will be set up in the gravel parking next to Morning Call.

Have fun but remember to ride smart! Always follow the rules of the road: Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic. Use hand signals and act courteously and predictably to other users of the road. Plan out a safe and sensible route before you go, and enjoy the ride!

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