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Posted by Heather Haylett on October 24, 2018 in Advocacy

Take the Connect The Crescent - Transportation Choices Survey

Have you experienced the Connect The Crescent pop-up transportation network yet? Show your support and give us your detailed feedback by taking a few minutes to fill out this survey!

Connect The Crescent is a 3-month demonstration project to highlight how we can transform our streets to be safe and equitable for everyone, no matter how they get around. Of course, figuring out the specific details of protected bikeways, safe walking features, and better connections to transit can be tricky, and we want to make sure that all perspectives are being considered.

Connect The Crescent is all about the community conversation. Show your support for improved mobility and the health, economic, and quality-of-life benefits it brings by filling out our online survey today.

Unfortunately, we’re at risk of letting a few loud voices dominate the conversation surrounding this community-lead project. We can handle one or two misleading stories, but a volunteer who gave countless hours improving their city even got shouted down in a public meeting in front of the Mayor! Thankfully, Mayor Cantrell never wavered in communicating a vision of safety-improving protected bikeways for New Orleans’ future. Now she needs to hear from you about your experiences with Connect The Crescent and why the community desires better biking, walking, and transit. Please make sure your voice is heard by filling out our online survey!

Thanks to the over 150 volunteers who’ve given over 2,000 hours of their time conducting outreach and installing Connect The Crescent protected bikeways and crosswalks! It’s truly been a community-driven effort, working with all of you to make our streets built to share. As we continue to build momentum for a permanent, protected bikeway network, please support all the hard work of Connect The Crescent volunteers by sharing your thoughts (and critiques) and showing some love in the survey!

Connect The Crescent – Transportation Choices Survey

P.S. For the folks paying close attention – the installation phase of Connect The Crescent is complete! The Decatur Street plan has been postponed indefinitely. Though with your help it was certainly possible, the experience gained during this process showed us it was simply too complex an operation for an organization of our modest size. If you’d like to see the vision of a protected bikeway for Decatur Street tested in a later demonstration, or better yet, as a permanent installation, make sure you let it be known in the survey!

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