Bike Easy Board Member History and Highlights

Posted by Heather Haylett on October 20, 2018 in Advocacy

Looking back on 15 years of bicycle advocacy

Why did you join the Board?

Susan Kleese (2008 – 2016) – “I joined because I saw other areas with much better bicycle infrastructure, and I recognized the New Orleans metro area had the potential to be as good or better for cyclists than the best of these areas. Bike Easy was the perfect organization to further this goal.”

Dan Jatres (2008-2011; 2015-2017) – “To help create strong citizen’s voice to support efforts to improve bicycling in the New Orleans region.”

List three highlights (organizational, administrative, or other) from your Board term

Karen Parson (May 2006 (founding member) to around 2009/2010) – “1) The establishment of MBC!!! dba Bike Easy today 2) Mayor Nagin’s signing of the League of American Bicyclist’s Bicycle Friendly Community pledge in August 2004 3) $4 M for bikes in the November 2004 City Bond Program 4) Inclusion of bicycle accommodations in the post-Katrina Submerged Roads Programs 2007+”

Musa Eubanks (1999 to 2003 (before a Board of Directors was formed) – “1) Getting the City of New Orleans to recognize the importance of safe bicycle transportation in the city. 2) Helping identify streets that should have on-street bicycle lanes and convincing the City to put those into the City’s Master Plan.”

Looking ahead for the next 15 years, what is your birthday wish for Bike Easy?

Rob Henig Bell (staff) – “To see the creation of a connected, protected network of bikeways that touches every major neighborhood in New Orleans, alongside youth educational programs for each of those neighborhood’s kids.”

Melissa Lee (current Bike Easy Board President) – “Being a leader in celebrating a joyful, healthy, inclusive prosperous and equitable City with bicycling as a means to that end.”

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