Blue Bike Community Ride with GirlTrek!

Posted by David Meza on September 28, 2018 in Advocacy

Bike Easy and Blue Bikes organized a community ride for members of GirlTrek

This past Sunday, ten women from GirlTrek joined Bike Easy and Blue Bike representatives to do a group ride on Blue Bikes. The group met in the evening, to align with their typical Sunday meetups and allow plenty of time for everyone to watch the Saints game before and properly celebrate. Everyone met at the fit lot on the Greenway where safety, group riding, and Blue Bikes process where discussed before a short trek to the nearest Blue Bike hub.

Once everyone checked out their own bicycle, the group began down the Greenway headed towards the river. Crossing into the French Quarter from the Greenway, the group was able to utilize the temporary bike boxes and infrastructure from Connect the Crescent to safely navigate a group of 13 people across the intersection. The ride continued through the Quarter and down Esplanade to the river.

After parking the Blue Bikes outside of Crescent Park the group stopped for water, a snack, and a check-in. Going at a slower group pace, they’d made quite a bit of distance in half an hour and felt confident they could find much use for the bikes as a transportation option. The group all rode extremely well together, obeying traffic signs and continually communicating throughout the ride. The first stretch along the Greenway was separated from motorized traffic but the ladies didn’t skip a beat as the group rode through the streets, sharing lanes when the lanes had adequate room. From the river, the group returned to their start spot via Esplanade to Miro. Along that route the riders got to experience a designated bike lane (with no physical separation from vehicles) and a “sharrow”, a bike and arrow painted on a traffic lane to indicate where bicyclists should position themselves. Though some participants had indicated at the beginning that they hadn’t rode in a long time, they all performed extremely well with the designs and other road users!

After returning the Blue Bikes, the ladies all indicated they’d use Blue Bikes in the future and encourage their friends to use them. They were then invited to ask any questions about the program which was answered by Blue Bikes/Bike Easy. Each participant from the ride will be receiving a complimentary month subscription (covering one hour of riding per day) for them to truly test the usefulness of Blue Bikes as a transportation option for them.

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This Community Ride was part of Bike Easy’s Blue Bikes For All programming

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