Canvassing - a Grassroots Tool

Posted by Heather Haylett on August 24, 2018 in Advocacy

Talking to neighbors about Connect the Crescent.

As part of the Connect the Crescent project, our dedicated Bike Easy volunteers have been canvassing neighborhoods around the city about our plans to install around 3.5 miles of temporary protected bike lanes as part of a “pop-up” street demonstration. Last weekend and throughout this week, dozens of volunteers braved the heat and a little bit of rain to knock on doors and engage in conversations with business owners and residents around how we can safely and equitably accommodate everyone on the street no matter how they choose to travel – by biking, by walking, by transit, or by driving.

And our canvassers have been rocking it! We’ve knocked on the doors of 190 businesses and 150 residents throughout the Central Business District and French Quarter, and there’s more to come next week. Fostering community engagement is one of the main goals of Connect the Crescent, and canvassing helps us pull as many people as possible into the conversation around how we can re-imagine mobility in New Orleans. As a biker myself and someone who cares deeply about this project and our work to make getting around New Orleans safer and easier for everyone, it was exciting to chat with folks that are ready to get involved, volunteer, and support in any way they can whether they bike or not.

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