Addressing Bike Registration in New Orleans

Posted by Heather Haylett on June 27, 2018 in Advocacy

A difficult, if not impossible, task.

Unfortunately, official bike registration with NOPD in New Orleans is often difficult and sometimes impossible. Bike Easy believes that this requirement should be abandoned.

As of now, however, you must, by law, have your bike registered in New Orleans if you are a New Orleans resident.

There are two ways the New Orleans Police Department allows the registration of bikes.

1. Purchase a new bike at a bike shop and have them register the bike.

2. Register your bike by providing a notarized affidavit proving ownership of the bike, a registration application (provided by NOPD) and a $3 money order. There is no evident on-going process for NOPD to intake these items and issue a registration sticker.

In the past, Bike Easy has partnered with NOPD to host registration events, but after an NOPD reorganization, we have been unable to re-establish that effort. Over the years, various Bike Easy members have put considerable effort into getting their bicycle registered outside of special events only to be misinformed and misdirected by various people at the NOPD and City Hall, resulting in the inability to actually register the bicycle. We are now once again attempting to clarify this process, and we will let you know as soon as we learn more.

What can you do? Contact the NOPD, the Mayor, and/or your City Councilmember to inquire about this issue.

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