Blue Bikes for All

Posted by Heather Haylett on June 22, 2018 in Advocacy

A new grant takes aim at providing equitable transit for all.

Bike Easy has teamed up with Blue Bikes and the City of New Orleans to promote Blue Bikes as a new, equitable transportation option to make getting around town easier for low-to-moderate income residents and hospitality workers. Through a grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership, we’ve developed new programs to make sure enough local residents know about this opportunity. This partnership will allow us to collaborate with and learn from other cities across the country that are also dedicated to improving the equity of bike share.

Often seen as a tourist commodity, bike share has been a hot-button issue in some of the communities where it’s been introduced. Bike Easy is dedicated to ensuring bike share will serve local residents first (especially those in need), even before the inception of Blue Bikes. To that end, our joint programming “Blue Bikes For All” will be focused on increasing ridership among low-income residents.

Through the “Reduced Fare” subscription, anyone with an EBT (SNAP/Louisiana Purchase) card can get a subscription for $20 a year, which covers one hour of riding per day. We will be promoting this affordable option through our outreach efforts:

Community Rides:

  • Focused efforts in 7th Ward and Central City
  • Available to community groups and organizations
  • Group rides lead by Bike Easy and Blue Bikes
  • Safety presentation
  • Free month-long passes to all participants
  • Focus on Blue Bikes as a transportation option
  • Highlight Blue Bikes reduced fare subscription
  • Q&A portion for participants

Blue Bikes to Work:

  • Focused on hospitality workers in French Quarter and CBD
  • Information sessions detailing Blue Bikes
  • Provide safety information to participants
  • Workshops will be conducted on-site
  • Custom information pertaining to each workplace

While You’re Makin’ Groceries:

  • Printed promotions of how to sign up for low-income subscription
  • At check-out and in lobbies of local and national grocery stores

Read more about ‘Blue Bikes For All New Orleanians’.

Haven’t tried a Blue Bike yet? Check out

We look forward to seeing you out there biking! (Blue or any other color)

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