Success Preparatory Academy After School Program

Posted by Heather Haylett on June 15, 2018 in Bicycle Safety

A story from Jonelle Everett, a Bike Easy Teen Ambassador

My name is Jonelle Everett and I have been working with bike easy for almost a year. Through the course of the year, I was able to work with some amazing kids. The kids went to Success Preparatory Academy and as an after school program through the school and Bike Easy I was given the ability to teach them how to safely and properly ride a bike, change a tire, and solve basic problems they might encounter on a bike. Being able to teach and interact with the children at the Lafitte Greenway, City Park, and Crescent Park was a great experience, as I taught the kids I was able to learn as well. It was an amazing experience to work with the kids and I look forward to doing something similar.

At the greenway we played a transportation game that allowed them to be different types of vehicles and learn the differences between them.


When we were able to visit City Park the children were able to ride their bikes alongside other bike riders and experience what it would be like on a busy street.


As we were at the Crescent Park the children learned different transportations that were taken on the Mississippi River, what the buildings along the trail used to be and how long the trail had been there.


The whole session was amazing. Myself and Ms. Laura learned a lot about the children and grew a close relationship with them as we taught them how to safely walk and ride in the city.

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