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Posted by Virginia Brisley on May 29, 2018 in Bike-Friendly Businesses, Events

Bike Easy Challenge closes with dramatic flare across team categories

The Bike Easy Challenge is a fun, free team-based and individual competition. We want to get more people cycling and more often, whether that be for fun, exercise, or to get to work. Imagine if even more people rode bikes – the air would be cleaner and our neighborhoods would have fewer cars on the road.

Our success would not be possible without Champions who help us to spread the word and encourage as many folks as possible to join the competition. The Challenge rewards encouragement, especially encouraging folks that don’t regularly ride! If you followed the team categories throughout April’s Challenge, it became evident that the top teams understood how to maximize their point gains. The competition was tight and exciting to watch throughout the month.

Champions Jennifer R. and Janneke V. stoked the fires for increased participation from City Hall and Ochsner Baptist in the 500+ staff category. Every day seemed to flip the top spot from one team to the other on the leader board. Their teams often encouraged more consistent participation by communicating together on the Challenge site. This feature of public space to encourage habit forming behavior was noted as such a benefit in competing this year by Rachel H. and Top Commuter from the 2018 Challenge. City Hall eked out a repeat victory this year as two-time Challenge winner and will celebrate with a Jimmy John’s sponsored team lunch & a decorative bike art piece from Doerr Furniture!

There were nail biter categories in the other brackets. What a photo finish between Bicycle Michael’s and Law Firm of Jefferson Dye in the 3-6 staff category – Jefferson Dye won by 20 points for a repeat victory! The Law Firm will enjoy a pizza party at Blaze Pizza. The Confederacy of Cruisers cruised to victory in the 7-19 category and won a White Roach gift card and turntable. Eskew+Dumez+Ripple competed for a second year and won the 20-49 category with steady increased participation throughout the month to enjoy a gift card to Avenue Cafe and a team night at the Ogden Museum. We also introduced the Social Club and Congregation categories and were thrilled to see avid participation across all teams.

The final two categories of 50-199 and 200-499 brought out storied fame for the top teams in both groups. The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library team, led by Anthony D., pedaled to a 4-peat victory in the 50-199 group. The Library team competes seasonally in Bike Easy sponsored challenges – from the week-long Challenge and now in the month-long Challenge. Cheers to their decided commitment of showing up every year to ride more, enjoy a team coffee and beer with gift cards to Avenue Cafe and Urban South. Lastly, the Pan American Life Insurance team completely dominated the 200-499 category for the entire month. Team Champion, Josh M., was game to try to get co-workers to ride more but was initially very doubtful that anyone would participate in a meaningful way. When the month kicked off, Team Pan American pulled ahead and Josh got the hang of encouraging others to get on a bike! We are so excited to present their team with a Where YaRack sponsored bike rack at a location of their choosing.

We heard from new riders, regular riders, and people excited to encourage others to ride more and the common thread is that the Bike Easy Challenge creates a platform for any type of rider to connect with what they need to continue riding. The Bike Easy Challenge 2018 closes with increased camaraderie among riders throughout our region and inspires Bike Easy to continue improving public spaces for people on bikes.

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