Blue Biking the Bike Easy Challenge

Posted by Virginia Brisley on April 26, 2018 in Events

Bike share in New Orleans helps riders compete in the Bike Easy Challenge!

Since December the sheer number of bikes on the road in New Orleans increased and that’s due in large part to the roll out of Blue Bikes, our city’s public bike share program.  Hearing countless testimonials from folks about convenience, ease, and gratitude, it became clear that Blue Bikes is making a big impact on transportation in New Orleans.

As the Bike Easy Challenge coordinator, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many people this month who ride bikes.  They ride for fun, for exercise, to get around, for cost efficiency, to reduce footprint, for all kinds of reasons.  But it was at a recent dinner party when hearing friends recount their praise for Blue Bikes, that I began to fully appreciate how access to public bike share can improve mobility for everyone.

Josh M drives into New Orleans on weekdays and parks near City Park. He then rides a Blue Bike to the CBD to get to work while reducing traffic for the rest of us! Josh reached out to Bike Easy for ideas about how to get his team motivated to compete in the Challenge. With a few ideas from us and his enthusiasm, he’s championed his team to the top of the 2018 leader board with a large batch of his trips attributed to Blue Bike rides!

The competition of the Challenge aims to encourage folks that don’t ride often to get out on a bike. This happened so perfectly this year with new rider and Tulane AmeriCorps Vista, Meg N.  With few bike rides under her belt and no bike of her own, Meg joined the Bike Easy Challenge. She’s ridden Blue Bikes all month and from the look of her photos she’s having a blast!

Bike Easy is excited to partner with Blue Bikes on the Bike Easy Challenge to further build momentum needed to improve bicycling and move our region forward. There’s a few days left in April and plenty of time to log your rides (and backlog rides taken throughout April) on the Bike Easy Challenge. Get out there and ride a bike!

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