New Fix-It Station @ Jeff Davis and Earhart

Posted by Heather Haylett on January 10, 2018 in Bike-Friendly Businesses

Community members come together to fund a repair station at a major biking thruway!

Thanks to a community effort, led by Tim Garrett, there is a new public use workstation at C & A Seafood on Jeff Davis and Earhart!

Screwdrivers, crescent wrenches, allen wrenches, tire irons, a bike stand, and air pump are now available to help perform standard maintenance and minor repairs. A quick stop to tighten some bolts or fill up your tires can save you from having to walk an inoperable bike over a mile to the nearest bike shop. The Jeff Davis bridge is one of the main, and easily safest, routes for most bicyclists crossing the interstate, so it was easy to identify the need for more bike facilities along the path.

Through our partnership with Redmellon Restoration & Development, we are able to offer a very affordable station assembled and installed. After scouting possible locations and discussing with landowners, the process of funding began.

Tim, working on behalf of his friends and neighbors of the Marlyville neighborhood, went to local businesses and residents to help raise the necessary funds for a bike repair station.

A special thanks to the following for your contribution:

  • Gary Lemoine of Penske Truck Rental
  • Mike Hahn
  • Nancy Marshall
  • Lisa Wadsworth
  • Ross Razin
  • Bradley Pierson
  • Aaron Viles
  • Dana LeBlanc
  • Min Yang
  • Ann Sorrenti
  • Sandra Kuhre
  • Brook Bissinger
  • Christine Farrington
  • Jane Mitsch
  • Dara Baird
  • Shirley Metcalf
  • Richard Joseph
  • Lou Good of University Village Shopping Center
  • Rosalie Torres
  • Ronald Dassel
  • Stephanie Ryan
  • Glynda Stennett
  • Kelli Boudreaux
  • Tim Garrett
  • Marlyville Makers & Menders
  • Anh Vo and Robert Nguyen of C&A Seafood

Interested in helping crowdfund a Fix-It Station? Email:

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