Blue Bikes New Orleans Is Here!

Posted by Heather Haylett on December 5, 2017 in Advocacy, Events

A new form of transportation for the City of New Orleans

Bike share is a transportation program that allows you to go from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. Used alone or paired with other forms of transportation it increases accessibility to various parts of the city.

Bike Easy has advocated for a New Orleans bike share system for many years. We’ve emphasized community engagement, equitable access, and a focus on safety throughout the process of establishing the bike share system that launches today, December 5th!

In New Orleans, bike share will be known as Blue Bikes NOLA. This program is privately funded and designed to primarily accommodate residents as an additional public transportation choice while also being available to visitors.

Blue Bikes operate as a “smart” bike share, meaning the bike contains the computer technology within it. The bright blue hubs are the designated parking areas for the bikes, but users can lock a bike to undesignated racks. Keep in mind that parking at an undesignated rack will incur a one dollar charge. This charge can be credited by returning the bike to a blue bike hub.

If you want to make sure someone else doesn’t pick up your bike when you stop for an errand such as grabbing a coffee, you can place it on hold. The hold will allow you to lock the bike without it becoming available to other users.

Users can pay for bike share as they go or sign up for Blue Bike monthly subscriptions. The cost is $8 an hour (prorated by the minute), $15 a month for 1 hour a day, and reduced fare $20 a year for 1 hour a day. For more information on registering and signing up for a Blue Bikes plan, visit Blue Bikes – New Orleans Bike Share.

Bike Easy is excited to see bike share launch in New Orleans as an equitable transportation option. Blue Bikes are a convenient way to commute to work, make groceries, or get to a friends house. This system will enhance the ability to take short trips safely while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The best way to increase bike culture and safety is by getting on a bike!

Blue Bikes NOLA is managed by Social Bicycles in partnership with the City of New Orleans and sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana.

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