How Bike Valet Supports Bike Culture

Posted by Heather Haylett on November 14, 2017 in Events

Bike Valet- a free service that promotes easy, safe, and fun biking.

Finding parking when you arrive at your destination requires looking for a secure spot to lock up. Rolling up to a festival on your bike can make this task even more overwhelming if it’s busy and the bike racks are full. Bike Valet is a service that alleviates this issue.

Bike Valet is a free service that operates similarly to a coat check. At a festival, a corral is set up and protected by barricades. When you arrive, a volunteer will give you a tag with a number that correlates to a numbered card placed on your bike. You are then free to go and enjoy the festival! Your bike is protected and the service is free.


Why Bike Valet Is Important

Bike Valet makes it possible for people to ride their bikes to an event when they might have otherwise been discouraged due to lack of bike parking. Providing Bike Valet helps with the larger goal of making biking an equitable and safe transit choice. Getting people out on bike shows support for bike culture throughout Greater New Orleans.

People who are on bike serve as advocates and show that riding a bike can be easy, safe, and fun. The more people out riding bikes and following the rules of the road increases, the more that support for improved bike infrastructure will grow.



How it supports Bike Easy

Bike Valet is volunteer run and gives people who love to ride a chance to engage with other people who love bikes. It also offers Bike Easy the opportunity to be exposed to a large group of festival goers and spread our message. At the Bike Easy tent people can grab free bike maps, ask questions, and sign up as members.

Bike Valet makes for an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Check out our events page for upcoming Bike Valet events!



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