4 Reasons You Should Shop at Whole Foods September 20th

Posted by Heather Haylett on September 13, 2017 in Membership

Bike Easy is teaming up with Whole Foods for something big.

Whole Foods Market supplies fresh, healthy foods with a focus on local suppliers. Whether you’ve stopped in for groceries or a trip through their amazing salad bar you know there is always something new to try.

Whole Foods Market is also involved in the communities around them. One event they organize is 5% day which will be Wednesday, September 20th for the Greater New Orleans area. This unique giving day donates 5% of total pre-tax sales. If you need any further convincing, here are four reasons to shop at Whole Foods Market on September 20th:

1. Support Bike Easy!

The most important reason to shop on Wednesday the 20th is because Bike Easy is the recipient of 5% Day. If you shop at any Greater New Orleans Whole Foods (Broad Street, Arabella Station, Veterans, or Mandeville locations), you will be supporting Bike Easy.

With the help of Whole Foods and our community, we will be able to continue advocacy efforts such as our Complete Streets Campaign to ensure everyone has access to safe streets that are built to share. Your support also helps us to put on fun, community events like our upcoming Bicycle Second Line.

2. Access for People Walking or On Bikes

If you are closest to the Broad Street store, combine your support with a visit to the beautiful Lafitte Greenway . Enjoy the low-stress pathway while you think up what you need at the store. Take the greenway to North Dorgenois Street and turn left on Bienville Street, you’ll find the Broad Street Whole Foods on your right. If you ride your bike, you’ll find a Fix-It Station on the left of the entrance. Fill your tires and take advantage of the provided tools.

3. Shopping in Bulk

If you’ve never shopped in the bulk section, it’s worth trying. Buying in bulk is less expensive, and you can get whatever amount you need, small or large. It’s also a great reason to try different products without committing to a full size.

Whole Foods even lets you bring your own container to reduce waste! Just take your containers to customer service to have them weighed and marked before filling.

4. Mochi!

For a unique treat try Mochi. These small bites are ice-cream balls covered by a sweet rice dough. Whole Foods has a self-serve mochi bar with flavors ranging from vanilla bean to black sesame to mango and more. If you haven’t tried it, jump on the train!

Now you’ve got more than one great reason to shop at Whole Foods on Wednesday, September 20th!

When you stop in at Whole Foods, there will be opportunities to sign up as a Bike Easy member as well as share your #iBikeNOLA story. We are giving away prizes for new member sign ups and #iBikeNOLA story pictures tagged with us on social media. Find more information on our Facebook page!

Shop at the Broad Street, Arabella Station, Veterans, or Mandeville locations to give to Bike Easy. See you there!

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