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Posted by Oliver Anderson on August 9, 2017 in Advocacy

Our Complete Streets Ambassadors are an awesome, dedicated, and hardworking group of community members that bring an important perspective to our work. Here are just a few of their stories.

Taylor Scheinuk
A bicycle and, oddly enough, car nerd, Taylor began working with the Bike Easy team as a volunteer committee member working on Complete Streets and bicycle infrastructure. An aspiring urban planner, he discovered the field by accident when doing research on the history of public transportation in New Orleans. His passion is in the underlying mechanics and economics of urban design and how they affect people’s behavior every day in ways they don’t even realize.

As a Complete Streets Ambassador, Taylor wants to help people start looking at their communities from more than behind the wheel of a car by encouraging legislation and policymaking designed to encourage the use of alternate modes of transport and to accommodate people of all ages and all physical abilities.

John Mack III
Jack Mack III has worked in the Oil and Gas industry a little over 20 years as a Professional Production Operator in the Gulf of Mexico. He is retired and keeps himself busy with a few hobbies, one of them as a bike enthusiast. John is a member of several social bicycle groups who host rides all throughout the West Bank. He works as a Complete Streets Ambassador to help advocate for more bike safety in his community.

Roi-Lynne Hulin
Roi-Lynne Hulin is a lifetime resident of Jefferson Parish where she attended Archbishop Chapelle High School and the University of New Orleans. She received an Associate Degree in Accounting. After being employed by Internal Revenue Service, she focused on raising her family. She volunteered for school, church, and community based organizations.

Roi-Lynne now volunteers for the MS Society as an activist and is on the Government Relations Committee for the organization. She has participated in the MS Bike: Dats How We Roll since 2012, and has ridden for the past two years. Her involvement with the organization has brought her a sense of accomplishment knowing she is a big part of finding a cure for MS.

Roi-Lynne joined the Complete Streets Ambassador program to improve street policies, make streets built to share, and ensure they are safe for walking, riding, and transit. She, with Bike Easy’s help, is currently working on a traffic intervention in her neighborhood in Kenner.

Cher’i Ben-Iesau
Cheri is a new Orleans based artist and writer who was born in Los Angeles, CA. She joined the Coast Guard in 1986 and spent the next 25 years crisscrossing the US for work. The Coast Guard brought her to Louisiana in the ‘90s, where, after marrying a local boy, she made New Orleans home.

Cheri’s earliest memories of bikes was having to ride whatever machine she and her siblings could cobble together from junk they found. Schwinn was the name in bikes back then and a Varsity, well, that was the Rolls Royce of bikes. A complete, mechanically sound, matching bicycle was out of the families socioeconomic scope, however. Still, early on she knew a day on a bike, any bike, was her kind of day.

Cheri has commuted by bike since her first duty station in the Coast Guard. It was in San Diego where the streets made a bike commute possible. It helped keep her in great shape for her job, was a pressure release for the associated stress, and as a bonus, she could get to work (or the beach, or wherever) faster than by car.

Years later, living in Jeff Parish, Cheri was still commuting about 14 miles one way to work in New Orleans. She would take the levee trail the first nine miles, then up St. Charles or Prytania or Magazine on empty pre-dawn, pre commuter streets. The ride home was a car-dodge until hitting the levee. Then she started to see bike paths. They made the commute safer, less stressful.

Cheri is working with Bike Easy as a Complete Streets Ambassador to work on increasing the safety and access of bike lanes in Jefferson Parish. She would love to see, at a minimum, a few key protected lanes in Kenner to get people safely across the grid.

Cheri currently “only” has four bikes and the most recent addition was, finally, that Schwinn Varsity.

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