St. Bernard Ave Pop-Up Bike Lanes - Details for Use

Posted by Dan Favre on July 31, 2017 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety

Driving, parking, and biking safely in the protected bike lanes

The temporary pop-up bike lanes on St. Bernard Avenue are known “protected bike lanes” that create a physical separation between the people riding bikes and the people driving cars. In this case, that separation is conveniently created by a row of parked cars!

For this 2-week demonstration, please drive, park, and bike according to the diagram —>

At intersections, there are green markings to designate the bike lane area, and everyone – whether driving, biking, or walking – must follow stop signs and traffic signals.

Tips for this Pop-Up:

  • Don’t park your car against the curb, that’s where people are supposed to be biking!
  • At intersections, sightlines should be good, but it may be necessary for people driving to pull out a bit further to get a good view of oncoming traffic. People biking, please be patient and observant at intersections.
  • Please don’t walk in the bike lane.
  • People biking – keep an eye out at the intersection of Marais when heading riverbound on St. Bernard. Sewerage & Water Board work has created a small disruption to lane.

As always and for all roads:

  • People driving should slow down around people riding bikes and yield to people biking.
  • People biking should ride in the direction of traffic and follow traffic rules.

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