NCourage NOLA Youth Collecting Bike Stories from Peers

Posted by Virginia Brisley on July 13, 2017 in Advocacy

Bike Easy’s Youth Ambassadors led story gathering workshops at two libraries

As part of the New Orleans Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, Bike Easy’s NCourage NOLA group facilitated two workshops to share and gather stories from their peers about getting around New Orleans.

To prepare for the workshops, NCourage NOLA decided to run 3 separate story booths. The booths were named “NOLA Reflectors” where participants shared stories about their first bike rides; “Bike Seaters” where stories were shared about biking now; and “Rocky Biking” where they shared about the challenges of getting around town by bike.

In an effort to make the workshop relevant to Bike Easy’s overall efforts for more “Streets Built to Share,” Ncourage NOLA also decided that the 3 groups of participants will be called “Streets,” “Built to,” & “Share.” After each group spent about 15 minutes at each booth, they rotated to the next booth.

NCourage NOLA heard from over a dozen of their peers who shared different stories about their experience of riding bikes in New Orleans. They heard about the excitement and joy from first bike rides,
their current fears of turning vehicles that don’t signal, feelings of freedom from being able to get around town on bikes, and also learned where in New Orleans their peers think the biggest improvements are needed for people walking and biking – i.e. Canal St!

These workshops were designed and led completely by youth to encourage more young people to think about how to improve transportation in their city. Big thank yous are due to the Teen Zone at the Main Branch Library and Milton H. Latter Memorial Library.

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