Summer Biking Fun

Posted by Virginia Brisley on July 6, 2017 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy Instructors, David & Laura, led bike classes for campers at ISL Olivier Campus in June

League Cycling Instructor and regular bike rider, Lauren Nagel, prioritized bike activities for the campers at ISL-Olivier this summer. As site director, Lauren worked closely with Bike Easy to ensure 3-5th graders had a chance to ride safely through Algiers Point during camp. Lauren shares her reflections below:

“Kids love bicycling because they get to be in charge of their movement through their environment, they feel free, its good for them and its good for the planet. Bicycling is super empowering!

“Bike Easy is covering all the bases- Kids learn about the bikes, how to maintain their bikes and actually how to ride safely. Instructors taught campers the ABC Quick Check, how to fix a flat tire, how to plan a route, and how to avoid crashes. The campers rode as a group to the levee and explored the areas around campus by bike; they learned teamwork skills, confidence while riding in a group and all the basics of staying safe on their bikes. Our pictures from group rides with the campers say so much in just a few moments, but believe me, its always like this when you are exploring on your bicycle!

“I am so excited to continue bringing bicycle education to our after-school program and expand the vision of what we can do and learn. Thanks so much to Bike Easy for making our Community Works of Louisiana camp at ISL-Olivier campus a beyond-fun time!”

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