Calling All Bike Easy Challenge Champions

Posted by Virginia Brisley on March 27, 2017 in Events

Team champions/captains motivate co-workers to ride more!

The Bike Easy Challenge is a fun and free competition to encourage you, your friends and colleagues to experience the joys and benefits of riding a bike. The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.

To register your workplace team, simply register at and indicate that you are affiliated with an organization in the registration steps. If your workplace is already registered, the organization name will be shown on the drop down menu. If you are the first to register at your workplace, then you are automatically assigned the Workplace Champion role. If you’d like another co-worker to take that assignment just let Bike Easy know.

As Champion, your goal is to get as many workmates as possible to register, ride, and record their rides. Your main focus will be to encourage your colleagues to join your team and help engage other riders. You can send them inspirational messages, reminding them to record their rides and motivate them to keep riding! Your role is to work with other Champions and regular riders in your workplace to spread the word about the Bike Easy Challenge.

Remember the more folks you encourage to ride bikes with you the more points your team earns. Bike Easy will lead a lunch time conference call to share more information about the Bike Easy Challenge and being a Workplace Team Champion. Please RSVP to Virginia if you will participate!


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