Weekend of Training for the new Complete Streets Ambassadors

Posted by Robert Henig Bell on March 23, 2017 in Advocacy

Say hello to the newest advocates for safe, accessible biking and walking in New Orleans!

This past weekend, Bike Easy hosted a training for our new Complete Streets Ambassadors! These folks have taken on a leadership role over the next three months to promote walking, biking, public transit, and to bring streets built to share to every neighborhood in New Orleans. They’ll be working, both together and individually, to educate and to demonstrate how increased access to biking and walking will lead to healthier, more equitable outcomes for the entire community.

This Ambassador’s training included a focus on the power of sharing our stories, an introduction to ‘Complete Streets’ policy, the current state of play for biking infrastructure here in New Orleans, and guest lectures from Matt Hendrickson from Ride New Orleans on organizing community meetings, as well as Lynne Sherpe showcasing the art of petitioning. Onika Jervis from Girl Trek lead a walking audit of the local neighborhood. Together, the Ambassadors planned and executed a small-scale demonstration project showing how a local intersection could be made safer (and better looking) when made accessible to disabled residents, easier for people crossing the street, slower for cars making a turn, and of course safer for all passing bike riders.

Over the next three months, Angela Chalk, Kir Selert, Alex Souvignier, Domonique Raines, Dylan Blaskey, Guenevere Hoy, Derek Wilson, Andrea Portales, Ryan Hooks, and Jack Greenwood will be speaking out on the need to make streets built to share accessible to every resident in every neighborhood of New Orleans. They’ll speak to neighborhood associations, faith organizations, and to youth programs. They’ll work together on a large project showcasing the practical benefits gained if complete streets were to be fully realized here in New Orleans. They’ll get creative about building support for better, safer biking in their own and each other’s respective communities.

We’re thrilled to have such a great team of advocates working to push us all forward!

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