Driver’s Ed for People on Bikes

Posted by Virginia Brisley on February 14, 2017 in Bicycle Safety , Events

Traffic Skills 101 at Bike Easy teaches riders to bike confidently in traffic

When I first started at Bike Easy in 2015, I was able to take Traffic Skills 101 for professional development. I must admit, coming into that training as a daily commuter and multi-decade rider, I thought there wasn’t really anything new that I could be taught about riding my bike. Oh, was I wrong!

Happily surprised with the additional skills that I gained, such as correctly lubing my chain, easy brake adjustments on the go, taking the lane, staying visible, and being predictable, I was most impressed with the long term effect it had on my confidence. Riding in traffic can be stressful and I didn’t realize how many of my choices were actually contributing to my stress levels on the road. Simple adjustments in lane positioning, daily tire checks for air pressure, and more communication on the road all have made a drastic difference for me!

Some of the training is in class where certified instructors lead group discussions about how to navigate riding comfort issues, commuting woes, and best route choices. The other part of the training is on bike, where the group practices parking lot drills of rock dodges, quick stops, signaling as well as group rides through the city in real traffic conditions. The training concludes with written and writing evaluations to understand what skills were gained by each participant.

Join us at the UNO Transportation Institute on Saturday March 11 & Sunday March 12 for the driver’s ed class for people on bikes! Registration is required and space is limited so please don’t hesitate! Please contact Virginia for any questions or for more information.

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