Biking is Elementary!

Posted by Virginia Brisley on November 22, 2016 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy conducted Walk & Roll to School safety classes during PE in Gretna this month

In our 3rd year of school programming, Bike Easy is proud to offer bike and pedestrian safety classes for elementary students in Gretna this semester during their Physical Education (PE) period. Funded through generous support from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s Safe Routes to School program, Keith and Virginia taught 4th & 5th grade students at William Hart Elementary School traffic safety, handling skills and sharing the road with all users. In December, students at Shirley T Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary will have Walk & Roll safety classes as well!

Using a two-way mock road, students on bike were able to practice riding on the right side of the road in straight lines, stopping at stop signs, looking for people walking, and communicating with each other by signaling. Students that were off bike played the role of pedestrians trying to cross the road. The mock road activity keeps everyone moving and helps students understand their roles and responsibilities while in traffic.

Mistakes are often made during the activity. But as we emphasize to students on the mock road, its better to make those errors while practicing in PE at school rather than on a real street in live traffic. Walk & Roll safety classes are preparing our next generation of riders to be savvy and aware on the road!

To celebrate Gretna’s Walk & Roll to School program, join Mayor Constant, William Hart School, Shirley T Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary and Bike Easy at Mel Ott Park on December 10 at 9am for a family oriented community bike ride. More information can be found here.

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