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Posted by Lily Taft on October 31, 2016 in Membership

Lily Taft, an intern from Tulane University, discusses her work with Bike Easy

Lily Taft is a sophomore at Tulane University who is interning with Bike Easy through the Center for Public Service. She’ll be at the Tulane Internship Fair this Wednesday, November 2 to recruit Bike Easy volunteers for future semesters. Here’s her story:

I have been volunteering for Bike Easy as a Social Media/Marketing/Communications intern for almost two months now. This is my first time working with people who have such different backgrounds from my own. I have interned for my father’s company and worked in schools educating children, but both of those jobs included familiar faces or familiar institutions. Although biking, the outdoors, and the environment have always been important to me, the workplace environment that I am experiencing at Bike Easy is something very new. I have the chance to interact with new, interesting people, and learn about different perspectives. My internship also gives me the chance to get off campus and out into the city. As a student, it’s easy to get trapped on campus with so much time being dictated towards my studies and so many activities constantly going on. I look forward to riding my bike to work and interacting with New Orleans.

Working at Bike Easy is fun, but it can also be challenging. I’ve learned even when you try your hardest you might not get the results you are after. Getting people to listen to you is difficult, and getting the results you so desire isn’t always reasonable. Calling people on the phone can be tedious, and getting rejection after rejection can be disappointing. But when you get that one “yes” answer for every 20 “no’s” it makes it all worth it. Sitting behind a desk and promoting an event is stressful, but when the event day comes and there’s tons of people there, it makes it worth it. As a busy student, I don’t always get the chance to go to the events, but even seeing a picture of smiling people and a successful day is rewarding.

In order to be successful, I have to experiment with different types of marketing and communication, and different social media platforms. Posting online on behalf of an organization comes with a lot of responsibility. Having such a big responsibility makes me feel like I am actually helping the non-profit grow – I’m not just another set of hands doing busy work. Growth is important to any non-profit because the goal is to help as many people as possible. Without growth, a company is limited to helping a fixed number of people. Helping Bike Easy grow makes me feel important because I know that the work Bike Easy does is crucial to our community.

In addition to giving me a sense of importance and responsibility, my internship at Bike Easy has allowed me to explore what types of communication and marketing I am interested in. I am learning that I like interacting with people and creating content. I hope this can help me choose a career path later in life.

Thank you Bike Easy! I can’t wait to see what the rest of my internship will bring!

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