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Posted by Virginia Brisley on October 18, 2016 in Bicycle Safety

Bike Easy’s Safety Education encourages people to ride safely

Bike Easy Community Education & Safety programming gives people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride their bike safely and aims to teach all people – whether walking, biking, or driving – how to prioritize safety for everyone. Learn about our adult programs and our youth programs

In 2016, we reached over 800 adults & youth at various safety events throughout the region by partnering with community organizations and schools. With generous support from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Bike Easy led the following activities:

  • 11 Community Bicycle Safety Workshops
  • 12 Safety Interventions
  • 6 Teen Multi-Modal Trainings
  • 9 Youth Rodeos
  • 5 Community Bike Rides
  • 3 Traffic Skills 101 Adult Trainings
  • 3 Road Riding 101 Youth Trainings
  • 1 League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Seminar

The LCI seminar trained and certified 13 new bike safety instructors which further expands our capacity to provide quality safety programming in the Greater New Orleans region. Bike Easy is committed to Community Safety Education and is excited to continue our safety efforts into 2017.

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2016 "Towards Zero Deaths" Adult Program Successes

2016 "Towards Zero Deaths" Youth Program Successes

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