Lets not fight - Lets just Bike Easy!

Posted by Administrator on July 27, 2016 in Advocacy, Bicycle Safety

Chasity Hunter from our 2016 youth ambassador cohort, Pedal + Crank Dat, shares about her summer experience

I am Chasity Hunter and I like to ride my bike because of the freedom it gives me. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance, worry about gas prices, or speeding.

As a 17 year old who attends International High School, Bike Easy has been a very eye opening experience. When I began working with Bike Easy, I learned that I was doing a lot of things wrong on my bike. From signaling to checking the pressure of my wheels, there was a lot I had to learn in order to ride my bike safely in the city.

With the help of Ms. Virginia, my co-workers and I became better, safer bikers and now encourage other people on bikes to ride safely with traffic. Together we are raising awareness so that people trying to get around our city make informed decisions about bike safety. It all ties back to Pedal + Crank Dat’s mission, “To keep bikers safe in every way.”

So let’s not fight – let’s just Bike Easy!

2016 Youth Ambassador Program Recap

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