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Posted by Virginia Brisley on July 25, 2016 in Bicycle Safety

Summer Biking in City Park: NORDC Teen Outdoor Camp Bike Class by Lauren Nagel, Bike Easy Instructor

The Bike Easy bike class for teens at the NORDC Teen Outdoor Camp at Gernon Brown center kicked off in the early New Orleans heat on Monday, June 11 at 9 A.M. The bike class was offered weekly on Mondays for the duration of the camps through July 11. There were about fifty campers that learned all about bike safety and riding in New Orleans. Most teens that have biked before seemed to ride for fun but some had never ridden a bike before!

Virginia and Keith were there for first day to teach how to patch a tube, how to do an ABC Quick Check and how to fit your helmet and bike to you. The remainder of the classes were led by Bike Easy Instructors, Lauren and Jordan.

With about fifteen teens on NORDC’s bike fleet, Lauren and Jordan reviewed the ABC Quick Check and helmet fit. Allowing all campers a chance to get riding practice, the instructors set up drills that would help the teens learn how to have more control of their bikes. We practiced starting and stopping, scanning, and the rock dodge. It seemed like everyone had a fun time testing their skills.

One student, Trinity, surprised us all after receiving instruction on how to ride and working with another student to practice. She was very nervous but then there she came pedaling, without any support, through the parking lot. It was an awesome day for her and both the Bike Easy Instructors!

The final class consisted of two large group rides with counselors through City Park. We reviewed group riding dynamics, reminded the campers about signaling when turning and lane positioning while riding in various settings. Equipped with helmets and bikes fitted to their height, we went out on the road through City Park for forty-five minutes with each group to practice the skills we learned in the previous weeks.

Only one student got a flat! But Shane was a trooper through it all and learned the lesson that you always need to be prepared with a patch kit and pump when riding!

The NORDC bike fleet will travel on to the next group of intrepid young cyclists waiting to hit the road. See ya out there!

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