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Posted by Administrator on May 25, 2016 in Bicycle Safety , Events

Bike Easy’s safety programs are working to make biking safer in our region!

The Bike Easy mission is to make bike riding safe, fun and easy for everyone in our region. With generous support from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC), Keith and Virginia are able to focus on delivering safety education for people of all ages with the intent of increasing safety for everyone trying to get around our region. By training safety instructors, leading bike classes and partnering with so many community projects, we are working with so many enthusiastic folks who have been craving more safety education so they can have more fun and ride easy!

In April, we had one mechanics/safety workshop, four youth rodeos, one Traffic Skills 101 training, and participated in three community events distributing safety materials. In May, we had two Multi-Modal Trainings with teen bikers, two youth rodeos, 1 League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Seminar, and were at two community events distributing the new 2016 Map! We’ve been able to reach about 250 people – 125 adults & 125 youth – in the past two months with the majority able to have on-bicycle instruction.

We’re all really proud of the twelve new League Cycling Instructors. Certified in early May by League of American Bicyclist Trainer, Neil Walker, the group spent a weekend together at a seminar hosted at Bike Easy. Included in this group are two teachers, two pedi-cabbers, one EMT, among others who all care about New Orleans and biking too!

The newly trained crew of LCIs join a group of about fifty other folks in our region that have completed the League’s Traffic Skills 101 training and the LCI Seminar. Not all current LCIs in the region were trained through Bike Easy programs, but in the past two years we have directly grown the capacity of certified instructors by 25 individuals. We are excited for LCIs to also be Bike Easy Instructors who are providing bike safety activities at community events.

Already, the new instructors are geared up to lead bike classes to youth and adults. Bike Easy Instructors will be present and leading instruction at Summer CampX, NORDC Teen Outdoor Camp, at the public libraries, and many more! Stay posted for upcoming Bike Easy events.

For more information about our safety education programs, please contact Virginia (a)

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