Reflections from Bike to Work Week

Posted by Administrator on May 9, 2016 in Events

Wit + wisdom from your neighbors and colleagues on what makes their ride enjoyable.

We just wrapped up the 5th Annual NOLA Bike to Work Week celebrating the landmark of 100 miles of bikeways. Sponsored by Entergy and Bike Law and organized by Bike Easy, Bike to Work Week is a New Orleans-take on a national effort to encourage new and seasoned riders to ride their bikes to work — and get more people on bikes.

Each day during the Bicycle Commute Challenge, people logged their rides and answered a series of questions, illustrating how varied the riding experience is for people around Greater New Orleans. We learned a lot from those who responded and think that some of the insights, tips, and suggestions were worth sharing.

Some people were filled with elation every time they rode their bike, swooning for the scent of Jasmine permeating the air in much of city. Others had stressful — even dangerous — experiences that could be alleviated with better design and better infrastructure. Some responses are funny or silly while others are serious recommendations (or tips) and we wanted to share a variety.

Today we’ll explore some responses to the question: What makes your bike ride enjoyable? In follow up posts we’ll explore other areas and important feedback from your neighbors.

Wit + Wisdom from Your Neighbors and Colleagues

  • “Lafitte Greenway!!!!!! However, I also want to give a huge shout-out to Crescent Park, which can be a real lifesaver when you need to cross from the Marigny to the Bywater and a 100-car locomotive is blocking the road.” (Derrick)
  • “My 2 year old daughter considers my bike “hers” now since her bike seat goes on it. She and I will usually bike to City Park to hit up the playgrounds or just to go for a spin and look at the live Oaks. We take Moss Street a lot so any body of water is now a “ba-yoo.” (Akul)
  • “Cool morning and overcast made for a perfect ride down the Greenway. Bonus: I found 3 mulberry trees along the path and stopped to pick a little snack!” (Natasha)
  • “Love that Baronne St Bike Lane!” (Andy)
  • “Love knowing that I’m not adding to environmental problems” (Jeanette)
  • “Have biked to work almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. If not I have walked due to rain (under an umbrella). Riding to and from work brings me so such joy. Also offers some time to regroup for family time at home, and decompress… It’s my drink before going home if you will…” (Adrienne)
  • “Was happy I didn’t spill my coffee.” (Regina)
  • “I saw a bird.” (James)
  • “Which street I turn on to depends on if I know my friend works from home and not have her son go to daycare, so I ring my bell and we wave.” (Janneke)
  • “Riding down esplanade is always a treat, but chatting with other bike to work week participants made it extra special” (Andrea)
  • “My life-changingly awesome bike shorts” (Chloe)
  • “Baronne Street, along the CBD, since it has that beautiful bike lane! On the way home, Burgundy is the smoothest, safest, and arguably most scenic way to cross the French Quarter.” (Andy)
  • “I got a view of the dome and the New Orleans skyline from the top of the Jeff Davis bike bridge – and felt a nice breeze on my way down towards uptown!” (Lucy)
  • “The Lafitte Greenway and the bike lane on Esplanade have both made my commutes far more pleasant than they used to be.” (Tina)
  • “Bayou St. John for the scenery! St. Bernard Avenue for the friendliness.” (Isabel)
  • “I don’t do this often enough, but slow, lazy circles around Audubon and City Park are the peak, the peak!, of relaxation.” (Colleen)

What makes you ride? Or love your ride?

(Posted by Lolly Walsh)

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